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Social Media marketing is now regarded as an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy. The rise of popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram has enabled small businesses to further their reach to a wider target audience and establish themselves in the online community.

Customers and businesses alike are interacting online more than ever before, and the majority of this is done via Social Media. As of 2014, it is estimated that 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media platforms with 33% of consumers’ citing social networks as a way they discover new products, brands and services.

With over 72% of all Internet users now active on social media, businesses are able to reach a target audience that is larger than ever before, and doing so will not only increase your businesses online presence and authority, but can also increase the likelihood of generating solid leads.

What’s more, business can share content targeted at an audience with an interest in the service or products you provide.

Struggling To Generate Brand Awareness?

Raising brand awareness is an important factor within any marketing campaign, and enhancing brand awareness via Social Media is no different.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow businesses to incorporate their business identity on social media profiles, whether it be in the form of cover photos, background images, hashtags or sharing valuable content.

Recent studies show that the majority of businesses are now active on at least 3 Social Media platforms, and are taking full advantage of the benefits that come with social media marketing.

Need Help Creating Targeted Ads?

Getting your content seen by a large audience on Social Media is a lot harder than it sounds these days. Trying to make yourself stand out can be tricky, and without the right techniques you’re basically posting to no one.

One of the most effective ways to raise your brand awareness and get your posts seen is by using promoted adverts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all use promoted ads to push brands or products to target audiences.

As Social Media experts, we can finely tune the right target audience for your business, targeting people in certain locations and with certain interests. This allows us to promote your business to people who are actually interested in your industry, with the aim to converting them into customers.

Promoting articles or content on social media with boosted posts is a fantastic way of reaching out to your target audience by providing insightful reads or helpful guides. The aim is to drive customers to your site, and promoting your useful content is the first step to doing that.

Social Media Specialists

It’s no surprise why businesses are expected to double their social media marketing budgets over the next few years.

We are a well established creative digital agency based in Chester, who specialise in all aspects of digital marketing.

We are a selective collective of fanatical digital media professionals who live sleep and eat what we do, your projects are our passion.

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