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We build ad campaigns that generate minimum five fold returns on your investment, GUARANTEED!
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We create ad campaigns that will blow your socks off by identifying your perfect customer and making them offers they cannot refuse.
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We deliver highly personalised campaigns, that merge individual customer data with bespoke offers that maximise impact and response.
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We provide an easy to use social media scheduling tool with a unified inbox and bespoke dashboards to view your social media data.
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Who We Are?

We are Good Call, we build paid ad campaigns designed to generate a minimum return of £5 for every £1 you spend.

We do this by finding your ideal audience, understanding why they don’t buy, removing that objection and creating amazing offers that they find impossible to resist.

Do you struggle to sell or generate leads online?

There are only two reasons why ad campaigns fail.

  1. They targeted the wrong people.

  2. The offer wasn’t strong enough.

If your ad agency isn’t guaranteeing a return on your investment then they aren’t targeting the right customers with an offer that is impossible to refuse.

Why are we different?

We won’t waste your ad budget on campaigns we can’t guarantee will work.

How do we guarantee results from paid ad campaigns on Google or Facebook?

To guarantee results from any online marketing all you need is an impossible-to-refuse offer delivered to a highly targeted audience.

If you know who your customers are, and what they need, and can guarantee to give it to them, then we guarantee to deliver a profit on delivering that message.


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Kat Hannon
Client Opinion

Simon, director at Good Call has an incredible insight into digital marketing, social media and SEO. I have been with Good Call for over a year. I started to see search results from our work after 4 months, and receiving direct enquiries after 6. I now receive many enquiries in the areas I focus on in fashion, lifestyle and luxury. The agency are an extension of my own digital team...

Kat Hannon

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