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Email Marketing

When you sent an email out to the world, it can be hard to track it’s progress and whether or not anyone has even opened it. If you’re trying to promote something, this kind of information could prove to be very useful.

Our Email Marketing software allows you to send out multiple emails to as many customers as you want, and allows you to see what people are actually clicking on.

If you are trying to push a certain product or want to send out monthly newsletters, then Email Marketing is the ideal solution. Using your database of client emails, we can send out informative emails and track their process, allowing us to see what is and isn’t working.

With this information, we can cater the emails to specific audiences and make sure your content is reaching the biggest audience it can.

Who’s Opened My Email?

Find out how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, forwarded your email to a friend and loads more.

We provide a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Our campaign snapshot lets you easily gauge the results of the campaign from a single page.

While we process all bounces and unsubscribes for you automatically, you can still see exactly who, when and why they left your list. The system is also directly integrated into a number of large ISP’s like Hotmail and Yahoo!

If any of your recipients at these ISP’s marks your campaign as spam, we’ll remove them from your list and provide detailed reports about who made the report and when.

Whether you have a new event or some amazing news but can’t quite manage to get the word out fully through Social Media, then email marketing probably is the way forward.

If you have a huge email list, you can send your subscribers a neat email about the latest upcoming events and news.

With real time analytics that allows you to see who has opened it or whether they have to chose to ignore you.

Maybe Designing The Email Is Your Problem?

Maybe you’ve got an amazing promotional sale on and you would like to tell people all about it? Then we have the platform for you!

With our mobile-responsive templates, you can adjust your email to how you want it. You can also easily add links to the promotion through the email to allow users to visit your website, or even to give you a quick call to find out more.

We are able to design your perfect email campaign, while also looking unique and professional. The system we use is used by huge companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, Buzz Feed and Unicef!

Email Marketing Specialists

We are a well established creative digital agency based in Chester, who specialise in all aspects of digital marketing.

We are a selective collective of fanatical digital media professionals who live sleep and eat what we do, your projects are our passion.

If you would like to turn your email list into a conversion monster or if you are just looking for a cost-effective way to reach your target audience, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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