Website Design Trends to Look Out for in 2016

I believe it’s vital that all services and products boast a bold and distinctive brand, and ultimately, if you want to succeed in this, you must have a responsive, clean & reliable website, so I’m going to show you what I believe will be the latest and most gorgeous themes in 2016…

High-Quality Static Images

Most of the websites designed in 2014-2015 have consisted of the high resolution, widescreen slider images, in a Jumbotron format. If you are wondering what Jumbotron is, it is a container included in Bootstrap that allows you to have full-screen images! Anyway, as good as these home pages do look, I am predicting a change back to static images in 2016 that were previously popular in 2014 – I believe that full-screen high-resolution background images will be the choice of my fellow front-end designers and developers.

Awesome Illustrations

Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the use of artistry, the use of an illustration is much more popular with creative and independent brands & individuals which aren’t easily copied, this is why I believe there will be a slow rise in the use of these unusual illustrations. It allows the company and/or individual stand out above the crowd. A website that will make you say “WOW that’s pretty cool.”

Flat Website Design

You are probably aware of flat design, and if I’m being totally honest – It was quite a disaster, fully flat websites and applications didn’t really work out, but I think that almost flat design will be the most used with website builds over the next year or so. Just take a look at Google Mail, it shows almost flat design beautifully. In other aspects look at the original Playstation 2, a lot of people want to play on the original Playstation rather than the new PS4 or Xbox One.