Viral Marketing or Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Viral marketing is when you attempt to create something that is so weird, inspirational, or downright funny that everyone who sees it has to share it with their friends and it’s the cornerstone of every successful social media site in the world.

In 2014, the top ten viral videos include “most shocking second a day video” by Save the Children, and my favourite, “Unsung Hero” from Thai Life Insurance. However, today I found one that could possibly eclipse them all, for one reason.

It’s 24 hours long!

The reason why it’s 24 hours long is that it is a recording of one man sitting in front of a laptop speaking the time. Yes, that’s right, he looks up and tells the time on the stroke of each minute for 24 hours. Now, I know most people are probably thinking, why would I watch that? But I can tell you it is strangely compelling. However, it also got me thinking of how it could be used practically.

I thought that it would be great for the reception of a large hotel, or maybe an office with a television in the reception areas. Can you image how many people would stop and ask you how on earth you managed to achieve such a feat? But, as I considered the effects on the poor people who had to work in the reception itself, its appeal started to waver. As an experiment, I played it for half an hour in the office and I swear that Jack, our young apprentice, started to twitch after about 15 minutes and we had to turn it off in the end as I thought he might throw my laptop out of the window.

The video in question is obviously promoting something otherwise, I would be seriously doubting the guy’s sanity. Audiosnaps is an app, available on Google play and The Apple Store, that allow you to take a picture and embed 5 seconds of sound within the jpeg itself. It’s a clever idea and bridges that gap between Instagram and vine for people that go for that type of thing. It another in the long line of image and video apps and although I’m not sure if it will catch on, I really admire the guy for creating the video and I hope to see it in loads of places.

If you own a hotel or an office with a large reception including a TV then here is the link.

Don’t forget to give those that work there, ear plugs!