Here at Good Call, client satisfaction is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service, and we love to help businesses thrive.

It’s easy enough for us to talk about the range of services we offer and how they can help your business, but how do we back it up?

We’ve worked with a variety of fantastic clients over the years in multiple different industries, and they’ve been kind enough to provide us with some feedback on their experiences with Good Call.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve worked alongside these companies to achieve great results and built a strong, lasting working relationship with them.

We have worked with Simon and his team at Good Call for 10 years during which time they have helped to develop our online strategy as well as providing excellent backup and support whenever we have needed it.

Good Call is a very human company rather than a faceless/personless ‘somebody’ at the end of the phone.

They respond to queries quickly and painlessly and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable SEO management.

Ruth, Home Farmer

Good Call have an incredible insight into Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO.

I have been with Good Call for over a year. I started to see search results from our work after 4 months, and receiving direct enquiries after 6, and I now receive many enquiries in the areas I focus on in fashion, lifestyle and luxury – the agency are an extension of my own digital team.

Simon and the team are incredibly well trained in working with businesses like mine who are heavily reliant on digital markets.

We have many cross over partners ourselves and I find this a great thing to know there is a team I can bounce any digital marketing or progression off.

Highly recommended for creating a digital footprint in your business.

Kat, Kat Hannon Photography

Since we started Protos Networks over a year ago, we survived on a bog standard £500 website which we were never really happy with. As a tech start-up, it has always been important to us that our digital marketing expresses how we differ to other IT companies.

After meeting Simon at BNI, he put us at ease that digital marketing doesn’t need to cost the earth and that the right person can make this is a simple process. Since our website has been live, a friend in the digital marketing industry has commented on the excellent job that Simon has done for us. Things that we do not even understand, such as structured data, back links and internal links, have all been perfectly executed so that our website is performing in a perfectly optimised way.

Testament to this, we have not yet completed implementing SEO services on the site, but have received our first inbound calls regarding Cyber Essentials. This is not something featured on our former website and was from companies who found us searching for Cyber Essentials on Google.

Our investment in our new website has been strategic and one we are seeing an immediate return on. At every stage of development, Simon has taken the time ti ensure he understands what we are trying to achieve on the new site – and even reigned us in at times when our whacky ideas for our video were getting a little excessive. Simon has ensured that the customer journey and experience on the site is exactly as we have planned it to be, and even took the time to meet with us at a moments notice to fully understand our needs.

Simon and his team have been patient, understanding, responsive and a general joy to work with all the way through the process. The new website really is superb, and expresses our brand and services perfectly. We thank you for the time and care you have taken, we know we can refer Good Call with the utmost confidence, and in-fact, we already have!

Thank you Simon and team – we really did make a good call!

Darren and Joe, Protos Networks