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As a veteran of the online marketing industry with over 15 years experience, I have helped literally hundreds of businesses to increase their online presence. I have worked with a diverse range of business including many B2C and B2B clients. Each client is different and so is every campaign I put together.

Before I became obsessed with online marketing I worked for several major organisations in both regional and national senior management rolls. This has given me a broad range of business and marketing skills and has lead me to be known as “half techie…half management consultant”.

This combination of skills means that I understand the needs of businesses and how these needs can be served by their online presence. I can therefore propose marketing campaigns that deliver results time and time again.

After Work

Depends if the sun is sunshine. If it is, you will find me on the golf course. Mark Twain said that “Golf is a good walk spoilt” but that depends on who you are with and what you chose to think about if you are on your own. I choose my golfing partners very carefully, because on a four hour round, I can spend longer with them than anyone else that day. Some make me laugh, some make me want to strangle them, but more often than not I walk off the course more informed, more enlightened and with a stronger relationship with a great person. I don’t play to win, but when I do I try to be a considerate winner, and if I lose I always get a drink in the bar paid for. What’s not to like about golf?

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