Digital Marketing Executive

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  • Content Writing
  • Social Media


e-mail: ella@goodcall.biz
phone: 01244 344 114


I recently began working at Good Call, having completed my degree in Art and Design at the University of Leeds. As a digital marketing trainee, I look after our clients through creating content for their website, designing email campaigns, and managing their social media accounts. Brainstorming creative content and thinking of new ways to improve client businesses is something am very passionate about.

After Work

In my spare time, I work on my online arts project which aims to create a community of female artists through setting up online exhibitions, workshops, and podcasts. Studying art history and reading about up & coming artists is something I love to do when I’m not attending art exhibitions in London. Some of my other interests include reading about Celtic mythology, folklore, and witchcraft; I find these topics fascinating because it gives us a glimpse into the beliefs and traditions of Celtic societies throughout history.

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