Social Media Analyst

Connected with Good Call Departments:

  • Content Writing
  • Social Media


phone: 01244 344 114


After spending a short time in Digital Marketing, I was given the chance to grow and develop more as a Social Media Analyst at Good Call. My job involves making sure that your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) are consistently putting out content for your followers to enjoy. The other part of my job is growing your accounts and giving you a larger social media presence, this will help increase traffic to not just your social media pages but also your website/business. I will also write a few blog articles here and there.

After Work

When I’m not at my desk, you will find me at my other desk at home; recording, editing and uploading content revolving around the film and television industries to my YouTube channels, while also appearing on my podcast. You will also be sure to find me at the cinema a few times a week, catching up on all of the latest releases and reviewing them on social media afterwards.