Remarketing using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising platform that works in two ways; by placing text ads on Google itself or using images and video ads on Google’s display network.

When Google first launched the Display Network the advertiser had very little control over how or where the ads were shown. Many early users of the Display Network had lacklustre performance and stayed away from it.

Fortunately, over the last few years Google has substantially improved the Display Network, adding controls (such as the ability to opt-out of specific sites) and better reporting so advertisers can now run effective, profitable campaigns using the Display Network.

The Display Network is an excellent place to be if you want exposure on the web. Google states that their network reaches 80% of global internet users. However, that’s a lot of sites with ads and with so many sites displaying ads, it is important to make sure we do our homework to ensure your ads are displayed on appropriate sites and that the advertising is effective. 

Remarketing on the Display Network

Remarketing allows you to re-connect with people who’ve previously visited key pages on your website as they browse the web, and it lets you match the right message with the right people. For example, say you sold a descaling product and you were using Google to advertise a new product that worked specifically on coffee machines. If you created a re-marketing campaign, you could add a ‘coffee machine’ remarketing tag onto all of the pages of your site where you mention the new product then create an AdWords campaign to show relevant messages, such as ads displaying the new product, to people who’ve visited these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network. You can even drive them to a new page created specifically for people who have visited you before offering them an additional incentive to buy the product.

Pictures speak louder than words

By using the Display network you can maximize the number of people who see pictures of your products and even if they don’t click the ad, the very fact that they have seen then ad will increase awareness of your brand and the specific product you are advertising.