Is Instagram Beneficial for your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Over the past 48 months, an online mobile photo sharing, video sharing, and social networking service have emerged as the next big marketing platform. As of December 2014, the network had managed to reach 300 million monthly active users, so there is no argument that the potential of Instagram really is mind blowing!

The whole point in Instagram is so that you can capture beautiful images and share them with the world. These images will allow you to build a personality for your business; providing you with a great opportunity to mould how potential customers perceive your business.

Many businesses take advantage of creating competitions for users, the cost is normally minuscule (unless you want to take a bigger risk) but the upside potential is vast. If you want your business to be successful, you need to keep people talking about your business, and the idea that is proven to work is…. Hosting Instagram contests. You can create any competition you want, you could just ask them to repost a photo of the product or you could get them to just take a selfie! As long as they feature your product, service or hashtag in the caption, you will almost definitely get leads, providing they have a reasonable amount of followers.

This leads to the next reason: #HASHTAGS… This is by far the easiest way of getting your photos out to potential customers, not just locally but globally. If you haven’t grasped hashtags yet, take this as an example: An outdoor retailer posts a beautiful photo of a new skiing jacket, so they are going to be using hashtags such as #skiing #jacket #winter #mountainsports #wintersports etc. So if users were to search #skiing all photos with that hashtag would appear, so if they like your image you have a potential lead.

Like marketing on any Social Media platform, it’s going to take effort and a lot of time – but if you post the right content and visuals and get it out to the right demographic; all the time and effort will pay off!

On the Instagram Business Homepage, they have 3 subtitles that describe exactly what Instagram is all about…

Engaged community, a visual medium and beautiful environment.