How to Write Blog Posts that Generate Links

This particular topic has troubled me for some time. Google still places a lot of emphasis on backlinks when ranking web pages and will have us all believe that every back link to your site should be organic, that is, offered without any form of encouragement. But, to generate links you need traffic and to get traffic to your site you need to be found on Google.  So you see the problem.

Sometimes you see blog posts that appear from nowhere and are so good that you just have to give them credit,  but to be honest the average small business owner is unlikely to create such a piece straight off the bat. So, before you can answer the question posed in the title of this blog you first need to answer the question; how to write blog posts that will appeal to a community of visitors.

The are two types of website traffic; new and returning. New traffic is generated by marketing and optimisation, but returning traffic is based on how appealing your content is to the people that visit your site. The higher the percentage of your total traffic that is returning traffic the better chance you have of converting that traffic into a community. A core base of subscribers that will come back to you again and again for one or all of the following reasons:

1. They are passionate about the things you are blogging about.
2. They love the way the blogger writes.

To create a community you have to decide what type of visitor you want your site to appeal to. then you need to create content with a community theme.

With regard to Epic, it may be that the core target audience isn’t people who are getting married, its actually adding co-ordinators and event manager and the blog is mainly geared to them.

It will be them that share the blog posts and copy bits onto their own blogs and write comments, etc.