Converting To A Responsive Website

We have all been to a website that looks really old and has a slight bit of 2001 in it. Is this good for business? No, it’s not. Every thriving business has a responsive website, take Apple, for instance, their website looks amazing in desktop view, tablet view and mobile view. A good website makes your company look fantastic, so here is a few reasons why you should convert your static site to a responsive website…

What Is A Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a type of site that looks good in mobile, tablet and desktop view. It provides an optimal user interaction and viewing experience. Responsive websites respond to their environment, this makes them look clean and elegant. To show you what I’m talking about grab the side of the browser window that you are using and make it as small as you can. As you can see, this blog post looks amazing in both mobile view and desktop view, and if you’re reading this on an iPad, Nexus, or any other tablet it will look amazing too. You can drag it back now if you want!

Why A Responsive Website?

This is an answer that you should already know! You know what a responsive website is, but are you ready to have your site stand out. There are so many features available from images scaling down to make sure that it still looks perfect, to different types of text. A responsive website makes your business stand out. You will notice that most websites that you go to nowadays WILL BE responsive. If you would like to have a responsive website this is your first step.

Things To Consider

There are many aspects to a responsive website. To start is the best practices, here is a checklist:

  • Content
  • Budgeting
  • Time
  • Frameworks
  • CMS System

Content is a major aspect of any new responsive website. As you will probably know, people want to know what your business is all about.Content is Key.A new site needs a blog, you would like to see how blogs generate links and keep the traffic flowing to your site, check out our blog post all about how content marketing can help your business.

Budgeting will need to be allocated before you start the process in creating and building your new website. You will need to set a budget and tell you design agency how much you are willing to spend. The money that you are willing to spend will reflect on how good your website is. You didn’t think Apple spent 500 hours of their time constructing their website for £250, did you?

Time is difficult to calculate because a simple website might take 20 hours, but a complex website may take a whole lot longer. This is something you will need to speak to your Web Design agency about.

Frameworks are also a huge aspect of your new website. Some websites are created with Bootstrap, others are created through online web builders, Skeleton Framework, or Foundations. The simple fact of the matter is if you use a design agency you do not need to worry about this.

CMS Systems are the foundation of  your website. If you don’t know what a CMS is, I will tell you. CMS stands for Content Management System, this will allow you to edit text, images and everything else on your website. The type of CMS depends on what sort of website you have, or what type of business you have. A company who just has a simple, small to medium-sized site may like to use WordPress, on the other hand if you have a large shop with hundreds of items you may like to use Magento, or even OpenCart. Again this is something you might like to speak to your design agency about.


So you have decided that you want a responsive website? Here at Good Call, we pride ourselves on building fantastic websites adjusted and made to the clients requirements. If you would like to learn more about what we do check out our Web Development Page. If your happy and would like to discuss your brand new idea with us or transforming you static site to a responsive website then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Make sure you make your next call is a Good Call and we will help you through the process.