Blogging in Business

Blogging is for Kids and newspaper reporters right? Wrong. Most company owners would love their business to have a popular blog

The reason they don’t have one is because they don’t know how to set one up, and even if they did have one they would complain about having to come up with things to say all the time. Talking to customers is such a drag!

Why start a Blog

At the risk of stating the obvious, why do any form of marketing. A Blog is an excellent tool, especially when its part of an overal strategy that includes email newsletters, press releases and news articles. Its an opportunity for you to connect with your audience, offer advice on your specialist field, whether you are a gardener, solicitor, estate agent, butcher, baker or tableware manufacturer. The difference is that its supposed to be filled with stuff worth reading rather than bullet pointed reasons for buying from your company.

Unfortunately, its something you have to devote some time to, you will need to be creative, and you may even need to do some research first on what your customers may want to hear about.

That is unless you can get someone to do it for you. There are businesses that offer article writing services and I dare say they provide an excellent service, but nothing beats the personal touch if you really want to connect with your customer base.

How to start a blog?

There is a lot of free blogging sites out there but the best is regarded by most to be WordPress. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest to set up, and so my advice is to ask your web designer to set one up for you.

Actually, it is very easy to set up a WordPress blog if you don’t mind hosting with them, but I would recommend that you make sure that your blog is part of your site. This is mainly because a hosted blog goes with the host if anything should happen to them.

Ideas for your first post

Blogs are sometimes called online diaries and posts are entries in your diary and the first post is always the hardest. If you should get writers block try putting “ideas for blog posts” into Google and you’ll have enough ideas to keep you going for months. Better still check the news, especially local, and never be afraid to voice your opinion. Blogs are social commentaries and the more relevant you are to your local area the more interest you will generate. Link Baiting is the act of gaining links from other sites to entries on your own, it is also known as anything on your site that is “interesting enough to catch peoples attention” Matt Cutts, Google.

The boys at commoncraft have come up with an excellent video that explain blogs in plain english: