10 Amazingly Designed 404 Pages

It’s always annoying when you click on a broken link while browsing a website. Normally when you are directed to a 404 page you are left with a mundane Sans-Serif font that reads – “This page cannot be found.” A 404 page is a standard redirect in HTTP that loads when a user clicks on a broken link, on a website.

 But when a Web Site has a snazzy 404 error page it makes the experience so much better.

We have picked 10 of the best 404 pages that we think are amazingly designed, here they are:


10: Starbucks

Starbucks com


Starbucks have a very good 404 page; it represents the Starbucks brand very well. It makes great use of the primary product to represent the 404-error page. With this 404 page, it has a sign of a missing coffee cup.


9. Dropbox



In our opinion, this is a fantastical hand drawn illusion. The user can straight away tell that it is an error page for Drop Box. The image on this page represents the logo very well while also getting the message across.


8. Audiko



We absolutely love this error page, as much that is physically possible. It reminds me of an old inspector trying to find a missing clue. This is what makes this page fantastic we adore it.


7. Blue Foundation Media

bluefoundationmedia com

Ever got to a 404 page and thought, “I’d love to play a game of Pac-Man.” Well, blue foundation media have thought that and have implemented a game of Pac-Man when you reach the 404 page (with Java Installed). This is a brilliant place for a game!

6.  CSS – Tricks

css tricks

Once again this 404 page represents the website brilliantly. As the CSS-Tricks website is all about HTML and CSS tips, this 404 page makes perfect sense. We think they have hit the nail on the head with this one.


5. Mail Chimp

mailchimp com

Mail Chimp is a platform that allows you to design, create and send multiple emails in one with a small fee. So with a little thought I released that the monkey aka chimp is frozen in ice, so he is stuck; as is the user on the 404 page.


4. Mike Kus

mikeus com

Can you guess what type of business website this is, no? Mike Kus does Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding, Illustration & Photography. So as you can tell this error page was created with the business in mind.


3.   Limpfish

limpfish com

So at number 3 is Limpfish.com, as you can see it represents a Wanted leaflet; like you would find in your local supermarket advertising for a plumber etc. Except with this wanted they are advertising for some HTML to be found.




IStock Photo is an online free image provider. The main reason behind this is because it understands its users. This slightly gory cartoon image is a nice “relaxed” image to look at while your stuck on an error page.


1.  Blue Daniel – Film Production

bluedaniel com

Lastly but defiantly not least is Blue Daniel. This 404 page is interactive but it also has a moving train behind it. We absolutely love this 404 page. It makes the website really stand out. If you look at the landing page it’s even better.


Have you got any other amazing examples of 404 pages? Let us know in the comments!