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"Without Strategy the content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff" - Unknown

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Your strategy is dependent on how you want to grow your business. A great example of this is that a plumber would have a totally different online marketing strategy to an online clothing retailer. The plumber would need a strategy focusing on a getting their name and service spread across their local and surrounding areas. Whereas an online clothing retailer would want their campaign to focus on reaching the whole of the UK and beyond. These can be done in a very different way even so everyone needs a personalised online marketing strategy.

New Business

First off you will need to isolate what type of business you are, are you going to run an online store or a local store? If it is the latter you will definitely need to focus on Local SEO and Social Media, if you run an online you will need to focus on On-Page SEO, Content, Social Media and possibly even PPC. Your online marketing journey starts here.

Existing Business

Is your business not performing online how you want it to? This is down your current strategy, in this case, your strategy will need a few tweaks. Here at Good Call, we have plenty of experience dealing with broken strategies, we are able to target and isolate the perfect online marketing strategy for your business.

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