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If you rely on the search engines for the majority of your website traffic then you are at the mercy of the algorithm. A set of rules that change constantly and define the ideal makeup of a web page for it to rank high for a specific key phrase. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest algorithm and making sure your website ranks for the best keywords in your niche. Every page on your site has the ability to generate valuable traffic from several key phrases. However, whether it appears on page one, two or one hundred and two in the search results is dependent on a set of factors that can run into the hundreds.


The search engine ranking algorithms are designed to ensure that the most relevant and popular pages appear at the top of the results for any particular search term. Whether you are looking for a Hotel in London, or the answer to a complex mathematical equation. Once all your pages are in tip-top condition, their rankings will be dependent on how many other pages are competing for your chosen key phrases. With the first few results for a key phrase getting the vast majority of the traffic it is imperative that competition is taken seriously when deciding on key phrases. Sometimes a smaller amount of traffic delivered quickly can be far more effective in the long run.


The first part of any SEO campaign is to analyse every page on your site in order identify those pages which have the best chance of delivering convertible traffic. Then establish how close each of those pages are, to achieve its full potential.


This will highlight a number of changes that will need to be made to each page, following which, the pages can be resubmitted to the search engines where they will be reconsidered and re-indexed.


Once the on-page optimisation is complete you need backlinks, also inbound links, which are an off-site SEO tool that plays an important role in improving your websites or blogs popularity. They are normally placed in resource boxes, at the end of articles or in web-blog comments or local directories such as Yelp, Yahoo Local or Yell etc. In simple terms, backlinks are shortcuts to your website from other sites.

If SEO is not done properly, the search engines can choose to penalise your site which will more than likely cost your business in the long run. If you’re looking for a reputable agency located in Chester or on The Wirral, please don’t hesitate get in touch.

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