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Pay Per Click Marketing is the quickest way to get traffic to your website. Choose your key phrases, create an advert and start advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It sounds simple and it certainly is, Google in particular have made it incredible simple to spend thousands of pounds in AdWords, and that’s the problem.

Lets say, you have a brand new product that no-one has heard of and you want to use PPC to drive traffic to a specially created page on your website. Google is not ideal for this because its difficult to know which key phrases people are going to use to find a product that they don’t know exists. However, the content network is ideal for raising awareness of a new product. Firstly, you can advertise on sites that you know your potential customers are visiting and secondly, you can use video and image ads to catch their eye. Creating an account is the easy part, however, to ensure that your money is not wasted on the wrong traffic, from the wrong part of the country, at the wrong time of day takes time, patience and can be a full time job depending on your budget.

Paid advertising programs can cost a significant amount of money and so it is vital that each visitor is tracked using analytical tools. By setting up analytics correctly we can monitor key actions that we want visitors to take when they visit the site and analyse which advertising program delivers the best traffic based on conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

Google Adwords

Google provides traffic through adverts that appear above and to the right of organic search results. Charges for adverts are based on the position your advert appears on the page. Google combines the number of visitors your advert generates with the amount you are willing to spend per visitor. This optimises their income whilst at the same time rewarding those with more compelling adverts. A company willing to pay 35p per visitor can be positioned higher that a competing company willing to pay 50p per visitor if their advert generates sufficiently more visitors to create more income for Google that their competitor.

If not properly managed pay per click marketing can become a black hole, consuming large amounts of money for very little return. However, its redeeming quality is its ability to guarantee a fast and quantifiable return on investment for each of your chosen key phrases.

Social Media

Twitters paid advertising program allows you to promote specific tweets to followers of individual twitter uses. Therefore depending on what type of industry you are looking to target you can promote your tweets to followers of business that share your customer profiles or Twitter accounts of your competitors.

Facebook’s paid advertising is equally targeted and allows you to specifically chose your audience based on a plethora of different profile characteristics. For instance, you can target students at up to 20 major universities and colleges, or People that have recently got engaged or married, or people who love to play a specific sport.

The newcomer to paid advertising is Instagram. Their paid advertising platform allows you to target specific audiences from age to gender. Your advert comes in the form of an image to allow users to quickly click the link. You set a preferred daily budget based on cost-per-clicks.

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